cit.bx16v to 205gti

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cit.bx16v to 205gti

Post by brian6 »

I own a bx 16valve the same engine as 405Mi16 I am told,I would like to fit this engine into a 205 1.9gti,all information welcome,driveshaft,exhaust and fuel inj.compatabilityetc.

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Post by davemar »

You can stick with the 16v ignition, injection and ECU, just have to rip out the old wiring loom. It is possible to use the 8v ECU and wiring loom, but you'll need an adaptor for the distributor.
You can use the 1.9GTi gearbox, which has slightly more suitable ratios than the 16v one, but they'll both fit; and the existing 1.9GTi driveshafts stay the same.
The main problems are the inlet and exhaust manifold as neither of the 16v ones fit properly under the bonnet. Unless you are going to use throttle bodies or carbs I suggest you shorten the the exisiting 16v manifold by a few cm (chop and weld up).
The exhaust manifold doesn't really fit, so you might have to get your hands on a custom one; I've got a 4-2-1 system in mine. You should be able to fit the standard exhaust on to it somehow.