406 weak points!

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406 weak points!

Post by CANDO » 21 Aug 2003, 23:48

I’m thinking of buying a 406 LX TD.
Are there any particular weak points on this particular model of vehicle? It's got 100k on the clock but I’ve been told it had a recon engine fitted 4 months ago (seller has invoice) I don’t yet know why it was replaced, possible cam belt?
Has anybody got experience of this type/mileage? It’s R reg
All comments welcome!

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406 weak points!

Post by JohnD » 22 Aug 2003, 00:42

You'll need to find out a bit more about the recon. Was it the original engine that was done, and why? At 100K it isn't likely that it was worn out. Things that would require a recon would be cambelt breaking or over-heating. Either of these things - you would need to know how well it had been done.
On the other hand - if it's a replacement used engine, the 100K doesn't really apply.

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406 weak points!

Post by ianb » 22 Aug 2003, 17:30

These are popular as taxis - if I was buying I'd really want the full history of why the old engine needed replacing -any garage bills for work to try and save it, towing charges etc, and also the history of the donor engine, if you're buying privately make sure the paperwork (bills etc)all match up esp. regarding mileage, if you can see the log book try and get in touch with the previous owner to check the car's history,
I don't want to worry you needlessly but I would really need to be happy about the background in a situation like this.

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406 weak points!

Post by blueboy2001 » 23 Aug 2003, 00:02

Early 406's are VERY easily clocked, I know of at 4 least firms within 15 miles of me who would clock a 406 for no more than £25. The later multiplex cars are much more difficult to do.