stiff 405 clutch HELP!

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stiff 405 clutch HELP!

Post by ren12tl » 13 Aug 2003, 01:29

The clutch pedal on my 405 diesel is exceptionally stiff ( need legs like arnie to shift it )also the pedal doesnt move a vast amount up or down . the car has done 246000 miles so its not doing to bad . would be gratefull for some idea of what the problem is .

Dave Burns
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stiff 405 clutch HELP!

Post by Dave Burns » 13 Aug 2003, 03:58

If its a 1.9TD it will have a pull type clutch fitted, these are notorious for getting heavy during the later miles.
Same clutch fitted on my Xantia 1.9TD, I had the same problem for a few thousand miles until I got cheesed off with it and changed it, light as a feather now.
As the clutch wears the diaphragm spring changes geometry as it takes up the wear, this change alters the mechanical efficiency of the release mechanism over the spring, friction of the moving parts is also greatly increased.
Heavy dust gets into the workings especialy behind the fulcrum points on the pressure plate, the dust also dries up the lubricating grease applied when new and rust sets in.
A new cable can sometimes aleviate the problem slightly for a mile or two but the only long term remedy is complete clutch replacement.
If its a 1.9D then the release fingers usualy get worn away by the release bearing to the extent that bearing goes right through rendering the clutch totaly inoperable.
Don't know what type is fitted to a 1.7TD so can't offer any help if its one of those.