405Mi16 coolant leak... what is this bit?

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405Mi16 coolant leak... what is this bit?


I went for a drive to let the engine get hot, came home, looked under car to see where the coolant was dripping from, then lifted the bonnet and hey presto it's coming from some rubber chisel shaped thing that sticks out of the bulkhead!
What on earth is this thing? Am I right in saying it relates to the heater matrix in some way?

Blagarse Yank
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Where abouts on the bulkhead? Drips are almost impossible to locate unless you have the car on a ramp. The fluid finds almost impossible routes sometimes and you may find that the leak is coming from the other side of the engine bay altogether.

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If you have aircon it could be the drain tube for the condensate to escape, and coolant from a leaking matrix would probably find its way out vai this route.
Might also be a drain tube from the scuttle area.