Electrical gremlins....

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Electrical gremlins....

Post by alan s »

I've had an e-mail from a friend with a Peugeot 405 SR(?) 5 speed manual complianced in Australia 1995 and he is having some strange goings on with his electrics. Living in a regional area out here means he has access to some pretty good tradesmen but none with Peugeot experience, so I suggested he drop the symptoms on paper & I would post so as to get some responses, hopefully, which he can pass on to the auto electrician. If all else fails, my son & I can possibly have a look at it, but being Cit people Pugs are a bit different, so we'd appreciate a bit of guidance from this forum if possible. I'm hoping it could be a fairly common fault that won't take a real lot of tracing.
Alan S
"Al herewith the information you need,

1. The transmitter is not working so I have to use the key to lock & unlock.
2. More often than not when unlocking the car the driver's door unlocks of course but the other 3 remain locked. These 3 unlock:-
a. Occasionally when I slam the driver's door.
b. If I repeat the lock & unlock positions with the key.
c. After I have driven off for say 200 yards.
3. When locking the doors with the key sometimes the locks slam back immediately into the unlocked position. On the second try to lock the doors the same thing repeats itself. On the third try all doors lock.
4. The windows will not wind up and down. At present they are immoveable.
On one occasion when the passenger side window was wound half way down and inadvertently left in that position overnight it would not wind up next morning. About 2 hours later it worked.
5. The side view mirrors are working thanks to the auto-electrician.

A solution would be appreciated before I commit suicide.[B)][:D]

Thanks mate,

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Post by wheeler »

if there is a problem with c/locking & e/windows at the same time the first thing i would check is the wiring/connectors at the door pillars,pull back the rubber sleeve & visualy inspect all the wiring.you may find 1 or more broken wires causing various problems.the locking may be cutting itself off after a few attempts to stop the motors over heating.

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Post by jeremy »

First let me say that my knowledge of locking / windows is a bit limited as I've beed fortunate enough not to have to do any heavy duty fault finding on it. I have bX DTR Turbo estate which has full locking but no plip and apparently has the passenger door key fitted in place of the plip on the control unit. I also have 4 electric windows.
I've always had a slow passenger front window and the driver's door switch for this has never been very good. I have got it to work most of the time and I know that the fault is the switch which I'll deal with sometime. What I have noticed when messing around is that its quite easy to get one door to cut out presumably due to overheating the motor. It simply goes dead and comes back to life after about 10 mins when its cooled.
I had the passenger door lock motor fail. What would happen is that I'd lock the car and it would promptly unlock. I replaced the motor with a universal fit 5 wire motor which dropped straight in and all problems solved.
I mention my experience simply for reasons of elimination.
The locking works with 2 switches in each door. One is in the motor and the other is in the door lock.
Hope this is some help