205 overheating and leak

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205 overheating and leak

Post by maxfox44 » 24 Sep 2001, 01:13

When travelling at 70-80mph I have often have the Stop light and the coolent light comes on. Slowing down to 50-60 mph cause these light to go out. I have changed the thermostat and the radiator. Can anyone else think of something. Recently I have noticed a small leak from the inlet to the water pump.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 24 Sep 2001, 02:34

Hi, is it a petrol or a diesel, you might have a air lock in the cooling system, any leak will more than likely cause air locks even if you bleed the system, when the engine is hot the pressure in the cooling system will force coolant through the leak lowering the coolant level, when the engine cools and everything contracts air will be sucked in through the leak, check the water pump is not leaking from the shaft seal, leaks at this point tend to be severe.

andy hannett
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Post by andy hannett » 26 Sep 2001, 00:25

Have you checked whether the radiator is clogged up with leaves etc. between the front panel/bumper and the unit itself.
This can be a problem that reduces the air flow through the radiator causing overheating at high load times.