405 ABS

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405 ABS

Post by skes » 23 Jul 2003, 03:53

Hi There,
I Have a problem with my ABS i wondered if anybody has come across the same thing or has any ideas.
To the point just as i'm pulling up ie at a junction, lights, or behind a car etc i get a fast juddering noise like a servo working (abs?) or something that seems to come from the o/s front, then the brake pedal dips and the brakes release then grab again straight away, I've cleaned all the sensors made sure there not loose etc any ideas Thanks
My Car is a 405 stdt 1.9td estate

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Post by lloydis » 25 Nov 2003, 01:57

i have a 605 with very similar ABS problems.I am also hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.I will keep you posted of any developments[:)]

alan s
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Post by alan s » 25 Nov 2003, 18:39

This might sound stupid, but it's not something as simple as air in the brakes hydraulics by any chance?
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