106 Rear Speaker Cabling

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106 Rear Speaker Cabling

Post by nex0r » 21 Jul 2003, 15:21

Hi all,
I have a 106 XND 1994 1.4 3 door and want to install some speakers on the rear parcel shelf. The wireing loom that the radio connecting to has a pair of cables for the rear speakers but I can't find out where or if they are actually laid to the rear. I know some models had rear speakers mounted in the side panels mine doesn't.
So does anyone know if the cables are laid out to the rear or do they just exist on the 1st bit of the loom and it's a red herring and I need to run my own cables?
Many thanks

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Post by CITMAN » 21 Jul 2003, 18:24

I think you will have to run your own cables. I had to this on my zx when I wanted to install rear speakers. theres quite a bit of trim removal necessary, but you should be able to do it within an hour.