405 keys and anti-theft device

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405 keys and anti-theft device

Post by rodisi » 19 Jul 2003, 18:29

I need a spare key for my 405 but according to the dealer it will cost close to £90. I thought forget the electronic devices, I can get a plain key cut for a fiver. However, I find that if I use the key in the door the alarm comes on or the door will open but the car is immobilised. Am I being forced by Mr Peugeot to spend this ridiculous amount or is there a way around it?

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Post by wheeler » 21 Jul 2003, 21:12

if it is a transponder key then they are expensive to buy and they have to be coded.as far as i know the only way to do this is using the peugeot computer.at least it shows that the secrurity is reasonable.

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Post by rodisi » 23 Jul 2003, 00:25

Thanks Wheeler, I'll forgo a holiday this year and buy a key.

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Post by CANDO » 27 Jul 2003, 16:20

I had a similar problem with my 405.
In my case the fault lay with the infra red receiver which pug quoted £200 or so for a new module including 2 key fobs.
Being a tight wad I decided to investigate the system further.
Basically the IR receiver (housed in the roof counsel) has four connections to it. These are +12 volts, Earth & two wires to the alarm/immobiliser (The alarm unit may be under the driver’s seat or in the lower half of the steering column shroud depending on the age of the vehicle). When you operate the key fob the receiver momentarily earth one of the two alarm wires. One wire sets and the other unsets the alarm. This is done alternatively i.e.. At Each press of the fob the receiver earths the alternate wire.
If you wish to use your key and not use the alarm/immobiliser you can simply gain access to the receiver plug and momentarily earth the unset wire to switch off the alarm. You can then use your door key as normal.
As I still wanted remote locking I fitted a simple after market alarm with a locking interface unit and simply connected this to the 2 alarm wires so still making use of the pug alarm/immobiliser
This has worked without problem for 13 months.