205 gti

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205 gti

Post by mauro » 19 Sep 2001, 02:08

Is there any difference between 1.6 and 1.9 GTI shocks. I have original shocks on my '88 1.6. My brother bought new Peugeot rear shocks for his GTI (also '88 1.6)and they're much softer than mine. Have peugeot changed the shocks. Does anyone know the part no. for 1.9 rear shocks? Thanks

Pedro (PT)
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205 gti

Post by Pedro (PT) » 08 Nov 2001, 18:58

I don't about the shocks but I would like to ask you this: Does your car has any problems with the idle speed? I mean is it erratic or is it perfect? If have or had this problem and know of it's solution please tell me... I've got a BX 16GTi witch has the same engine as yours but I have serious problems with idle speed and I know that this is a problem with this engines...
P.S: Isn't it possible, since your brother bought a new set of shocks for the rear, they are newer then yours and therefore behave more softer/confortable then your older ones?