remote central locking

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remote central locking

Post by puc » 15 Jul 2003, 19:17

on inspecting the jammed electric sunroof on my 405, i've found that the ir remote receiver seems to be wired up and functional. as i've never had a remote transmitter for this car, could i use any old transmitter to work the central locking or is it a peugeot only part?

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remote central locking

Post by CANDO » 28 Jul 2003, 23:41

No you won’t be able to use any remote with your IR receiver.
The key fobs & receiver are a matched set for security reasons. Replacement fobs are around £70 each from pug.
Don't assume that because the receiver is wired up it is functioning correctly. It could be the receiver is at fault and the original keys/transmitters have been lost and replaced with ordinary keys.