Jammed sunroof

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Jammed sunroof

Post by puc » 14 Jul 2003, 21:38

I havn't used the sunroof on my 405 since last summer. Now with the hot weather, I went to open it and I've found that its jammed shut. The motor whirrs but the glass will only budge about 0.5cm up the back to its start position. Took the switch housing off, disconected the link rod and tried winding the roof manually using the allen key provided but it wouldnt budge.
Anyone have any suggestions? can i squirt lubricant in somewhere and hope it frees or is it wrecked?

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Jammed sunroof

Post by Dave1 » 22 Jul 2003, 01:30

I would say you have rust in the tracks(happend on my BX, I did not use it much at the time). Try getting some WD40 in the tracks. You may have to remove the glass. If you remove the motor cover & motor, as well as the glass, you may be able to slide the cables back and forth in the tracks and find the problem.