205 gti starting prob, please help

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205 gti starting prob, please help

Post by thrappit » 05 Jul 2003, 00:01

The car was running fine with no probs whatsoever, then yesterday after work came to start it and nothing....completly dead!!
When i turn the key i hear a clicking noise from the fuse/relay board but theres no attempt to turn the engine,
The car will jump start no probs, so what does this mean
Is it possible the battery can just 'pack up' like that
Would this be an Ignition switch prob?
Or is the starter motor knackered (tapping it with a spanner dosnt help)?

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Post by JohnD » 05 Jul 2003, 00:46

Batteries can suddenly die. Two years ago, in Italy, I drove my Xantia all morning, parked in a supermarket carpark for half an hour, came out and tried to start. Nothing - battery completely flat. Fortunately, I had an identical battery in my caravan. A quick change over, and we were on our way. Start by getting your battery looked at.

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Post by rj.kennedy » 05 Jul 2003, 04:33

I agree probably the battery. The clicking is a relay which is switching in a load (in this case probably the starter or starter solenoid or glowplugs if a diesel) that pulls the battery voltage down to a level where the relay releases. The battery voltage recovers and the relay pulls in again etc. Hence a fast clicking noise or even a buzzing. will the battery power the headlights, heated rear screen and blower fan together without the headlights dimming?

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Post by thrappit » 05 Jul 2003, 04:47

hey thanks guys, for the advice, will try changing the battery first, then will get backto you

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Post by woodhead722 » 05 Jul 2003, 18:52

May be like the problem we've had on a 205 diesel for about 8 years!
Sometimes, usually in hot weather, we just hear a click as the key is turned,and no turning of engine.
Can get started by: -
Letting the glow plugs finish completely.
Jump starting.
Rapid on/off switching ignition key,until on one go it turns.
Ours is (I <b>believe</b>) the starter solenoid, i.e poor contacts assisted by more available voltage, or just repeated trying until good contact is made.
If you want to see my note and reply from Dave Burns, click on 'search', scroll down members to woodhead722, and keywords 'diesel starting'.
Good luck, your new battery may cure for a year perhaps, but not be the real problem.
Still got my problem, but solenoids are a bit fiddly/ expensive!