Rear Suspension Trailing Arm Bearings-405 Est

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Phil Cowpland
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Rear Suspension Trailing Arm Bearings-405 Est

Post by Phil Cowpland » 09 Sep 2001, 03:37

The trailing arm bearings have gone on near side rear.(P405 GR Est, 1990/1) My old Haynes describes (complex?) procedure, but my later one says dont touch rear suspension at all. Whats the crack? Could I remove trailing arm from a donor car and substitute it on the estate. I presume the trailing arm, bearings and all just push onto the suspension cross tube. Or would it be simpler/easier to swap complete suspension unit from donor car to estate, and avoid having to set up torsion bars etc.
Also, how serious is this, apart from bumpy ride. Is the car safe to use for time being, or am I likely to lose the whole suspension arm whilst driving?
Any advise/tips greatly appreciated
Cheers, Phil