What Brake Pads

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What Brake Pads

Post by 306 » 23 Jun 2003, 17:33

I've just ordered the Brembo Max front disks
but what would be the best pads to go with the disks?

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Post by marcus » 23 Jun 2003, 23:14

I was considering the same myself as the standard brakes are somewhat lacking! Let me know how you get on as Brembo imply you should only use their own pads but althogh GSF sell standard and Brembo Max discs, they don't sell Brembo pads!!???
I was going to fit the OE Bendix kit both discs & pads although I've heard that EBC 'Greenstuff' pads are excellent but a tad pricey at over £30 a set.
I'll certainly be interested in your results even if the rest of the lacklustre Peugeot forum isn't (I had far more replies posting an enquiry on the Citroen forum as ZX's are very similar to 306's)

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Post by 306 » 26 Jun 2003, 01:23

#### UPDATE ####
I've shopped about, asked loads of questions and basicaly made a pest of myself,
and in my endevor to find a pad to go with these disks, every shop or so called
expert I have spoken to said a different thing, one said Mintex, one said EBC one said
Brembo, one said Ferodo, and of course the usual "What!!!! kind of disks are they?"
Like marcus said Greenstuff look to be good pads, minimal dust to alloy wheels, good temp usage
and a nice price tag to go with em,
Just as I thought I was gonna have to shell out another £40 for the Greenstuff pads.........
Along came a chap from my local motor factor, now he says he has used the disks himself and
found that (Get ready for this) Motaquip make a pad that goes quite well with the brembo max
disks (now please!! don't quote me on this), anyway he convinced me to buy these pads saying
"If your not happy with em, bring em back and i'll give you your money back"
So I fitted em today and fingers crossed once they are bedded in, we'll see?
but the best part is they only cost £10.50, they must be crap I hear you say? Maybe???
the pads are Motaquip MQ-XL here's a link, tell me what you think?
Yes I know Motaquip are poo, but this guy seemed so convinced that they were ok, how could i say "no"

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Post by philbar » 26 Jun 2003, 02:25

I have a 306dturbo which is now on its second set of power discs basically got a swirl groove cut into them with standard spec pads and i've found these give a good feel and decent bite even after a bit of hard back road use, they are slightly noiser in use, but I like them and have fitted the same brand discs to a clio williams used for track days[:D]...

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Post by 306 » 28 Jun 2003, 04:24

#### UPDATE ####
Well I'll be keeping these Motaquip pads, they work well with the Brembo disks,
Now done 200 miles and are well bedded in, lots of dust but they stop the car well
with very little brake fade,
So for £10.50 I'm happy :-)