Peugeot 306 XTDT Electric Mirror and Rear Washer

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Peugeot 306 XTDT Electric Mirror and Rear Washer

Post by unsnet » 23 Jun 2003, 05:18

Hi All,
The drivers side mirror on my PUG 306 XTDT is not responding to the electric mirror button. When I press the button I can hear the motor moving so that seems OK, I think that the mirror has come off it's mechanism. Does anyone know how to open the mirror housing and put it back on, or am I on the wrong track?
Also the rear window washer is not spraying any water onto the screen. When I twist the stalk I can hear the noise as if it is trying to send water and the washer gets slightly damp. Any ideas what could be causing this and is it easy to fix?
Thanks in advance!