205gti warning lights

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205gti warning lights

Post by Angie »

have 'F'reg 205gti... stop light,oillight and water light keep coming on. check water and oil regularly so know thats not the prob. any ideas![:)]

David Goddard
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Post by David Goddard »

I don't know the details of the 205, but based on my "D" reg BX the Low Oil Pressure, High Water Temp., Low Coolant and the Stop lights are all illuminated when the ignition switch is turn on. This is allow you to check that non of the bulbs are blown. They go off when the engine starts to run.
Fir this test mode they are switched on by a relay. I suspect that this relay is faulty or the connections may be dirty. The problem is finding where the relay is. One way to to feel which ones click when the ignition is turned on. Unplug any which click in turn until the warning lights don't come. I guess it will have about 7 pins.