406 air con fault

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406 air con fault

Post by trindle » 21 Jun 2003, 23:51

i have a 1998 406 1.9 td i notice today that when i switch the air con on
the car seems to hesitate, there is a definate decrease in performance,also
feels very lumpy,it used to idle at around 850/900rpm when warm now it idles
at 1000/1100,with the air con off,it does not increase when i switch the air con on
the engine actually runs slower when the fast idle is running at about 950rpm when cold
any ideas as to what could be the problem
tommy williams

Dave Burns
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406 air con fault

Post by Dave Burns » 22 Jun 2003, 06:30

If its the same setup as the xantia, that is the fast idle lever on the pump being pulled by a cable from a vacuum operated diaphragm, if so check for movement of the cable as the aircon is switched on and opposit movement as the engine speed is increased.