405 D oil leak

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405 D oil leak

Post by Baldrick43 » 15 Jun 2003, 05:39

Hi All.
I have a problem with a 1992 405 1.9 diesel which some of you may have come across.
The problem I have is a bad oil leak from the left/rear of the engine block as viewed from off side of car, the oil seems to be leaking out from high up on the block, but does not appear to be from camshaft oil seal.
As the manual does not give a very good picture of this area, is there anything else in this area that can leak, or will I just have to remove mounting, belt cover etc to find it?
All help appreciated.

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405 D oil leak

Post by mbunting » 15 Jun 2003, 14:46

Well, you've got the cam cover oil seal at the top, which is known to leak,
Or, further down, you have the head gasket !
I would also take the covers off the timing belt, and check that for contamination, the belt could be being used as a "carrier" for the oil leak from somewhere else !