106 1.5D Oil leak onto front bumper

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James Wylie
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106 1.5D Oil leak onto front bumper

Post by James Wylie » 07 Jun 2003, 19:31

I have a 1994 106 1.5D, which had a severe oil leak from its crankcase breather and rocker cover gasket. I have cured this, but now oil is appearing on the front bumper (All along in front of the rad, but the greatest quantity is just to the off-side of the rad).
Does anybody have any idea where this might be coming from?

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106 1.5D Oil leak onto front bumper

Post by JohnD » 08 Jun 2003, 14:42

I don't know if the similarities between your 106 and my Saxo extend to the power steering. On the Saxo, the power assistance comes from an electric driven pump. Open your bonnet. Look to the right of the rad (as you face it) If you see a black cap, screwed to a plastic jar with a tube running from its base, down to an electric pump, my guess would be that the oil on your bumper is fluid from the power steering.