Troubleshooting 205XS fuel consumption

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Troubleshooting 205XS fuel consumption

Post by ijdod » 02 Jun 2003, 23:45

Hi, I'm having some problems with my 205 XS fuel comsumption. On a 160 km highway run at 120 kph, it guzzled down 16 liters of fuel. Dunno what the mpg on that is, but it's too high.
Engine is a monopoint injected TU3M-KDY, which seems to be running fine. Only issue is when it's cold; it starts just fine, but has some reluctance to accellerate the first few kilometers. This problem goes away when the engine is warm.
All 'normal' user replacables have been replaced recently; spark plugs, oil/fuel/air filters, oil, distributor/rotor. Oil comsumption has been negliable so far.
Does anybody have any idea's or tips what to look for or check?

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Post by rossd » 02 Jun 2003, 23:57

Get a fault code read out done, it may be worth paying attention to the Lambda sensor, and or the coolant temperature sensor as the problem seems to be temperrature related.

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Post by Dave Burns » 03 Jun 2003, 00:31

Well thats 28.5 mpg @ 75mph if you think thats excessive at that speed, whip the plugs out and have a look at their colour, should be light greyish brown if its getting the right quantity of fuel/air.
If its getting too much they might be going a bit black.
Have the timing checked perhaps.

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Post by ijdod » 04 Jun 2003, 04:04

Plugs 1 and 4 (outermost) are quite black, up to and including the central insulator. 2 and 3 are white (they're all quite new, about 500 km), but the metal bit (with the thread) is quite black.