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Post by Bathtub » 02 Jun 2003, 23:33

Hi folks
406 glx 1997. Squeak from rear wheel area when I go over bumps. Tried pushing down on
rear quarters when stationary, no noise when depressed, but squeaks when I
release and car rises again. No bouncing, so I think shocks are OK.
Any suggestions???
all advice, as always, appreciated

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Post by rossd » 03 Jun 2003, 00:05

Sounds like a dry joint somewhere, the 406 doesnt use the torsion bar type suspension the smaller pugs use, so you can be assured its not the terminal radius arm bearing wear!
Take a look underneath at all the rubber mounts/joints/bushes, its most probably one of these.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 03 Jun 2003, 00:15

Could be worn arm bearings allowing parts to touch that otherwise wouldn't.
Is it an estate or saloon.

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Post by Bathtub » 03 Jun 2003, 01:18

Hi all
It's a saloon, and both sides seem to squeak when depressed. WD40'd the bits I could find underneath but no joy. I have noticed that the squeak vanishes for a while after rain, so I guess it's just a case of tracking down the squeaky bit...:-(
thanks for the advice!!