Peugeot 306 1994 - Alarm

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Peugeot 306 1994 - Alarm

Post by cox377 » 24 Jun 2010, 14:49

Hello All

Whilst on the hunt for this headlight fault I've got. I'm trying to locate the alarm on this car. I can't see it anywhere under the bonnet. Is it even accessible?

Thanks guys


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Peugeot 306 1994 - Alarm

Post by spider » 24 Jun 2010, 15:30

The siren has a keyswitch under the bonnet (this is just to kill the siren not the alarm as far as I know)

The siren itself is inside the bumper / inner wing area on the nearside from memory

The alarm control unit itself (be aware this also controls the starter relay (via the thick white wires) and the remote locking if you have it) is under the drivers seat (seat needs to come out for access)