106 stop solenoid

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106 stop solenoid

Post by kernow » 27 May 2003, 19:38

I discovered diesel leaking and found the rough location for the leak. It is around the front of the engine where the fuel stop solenoid is. It appears to be leaking out of the back of this fuel area although the stop solenoid is wet it appears to spray sometimes out of the back part, whether it is dripping down I dont really know. It is not a lot of fuel, but is enough to drip on the floor/notice and smell it.
I took it into a Peugeot dealer today and they said the most likely thing is the stop solenoid leaking and that was the quote: "best place to start" £75 minimum and no more than £100 to do that. I just think that if this is not the source of the problem it is money wasted and a lot at that.
Can anyone suggest any other likely problems and how I can a large bill if this is not the actual problem??
thanks for your thoughts in advance,

Dave Burns
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106 stop solenoid

Post by Dave Burns » 27 May 2003, 23:23

Clean the pump off and positivly identify the leak, or you can well expect to keep forking out until its eventualy nailed.
If its only leaking, why the huge quote for what should only be a sealing washer or "o" ring replacement, something most diy'ers could do providing there isn't the complication of an immobiliser involved.
What pump is it anyway.

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106 stop solenoid

Post by JohnD » 27 May 2003, 23:41

In addition to Dave's advice, when you've got the area clean, make sure that it isn't the banjo connection below the solenoid that's leaking. Also check that the solenoid is tight. There's an 'O' ring seal at the top of the thread.

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106 stop solenoid

Post by wheeler » 28 May 2003, 11:16

i know some old diesel AX's (cant remember which pump) had a solenoid that was crimped round the top,it it may be leaking from this crimped part rather than the O ring/seal