Pug 306 (2001) dashboard cracking/creaking

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Pug 306 (2001) dashboard cracking/creaking

Post by zerone » 27 May 2003, 00:49

Can someone help me out with this one: the dashboard of my Peugeot 306 XS (3 DRS 1.8 16V, model 2001 to be precise) is cracking/creaking (dunno the correct English term...) on bumpy roads.
I think it is a matter of thighting some screws.... but... I can't find any! I almost got the passenger airbag cover broken by searching for them... Glued it a bit together... good thing that I'm the _driver_ most of the time [8)]
Some guy gave me a hint that it could be the vents, but it isn't. If I push the dashboard to the front (of the car) while driving, the creaking stops.
Thanks in advance!

alan s
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Post by alan s » 27 May 2003, 05:11

There was a similar problem with Nissans a few years ago particularly in places with hot climates or in summertime in other areas. It was caused by the plastic of the dashboards rubbing against other plastic & glass. The cure they came up with was to spray a "silicone release spray" between the windscreen and the offending plastic. After a few repeat doses a film was built up which did eventually cure it.
I have a BX 16V which are terrible at this problem. I have had to do this on it and also I had to get behind the dash & zip tie pieces of foam as packing between hard objects (such as speedo cable) and hard plastics such as air ducts.
Please be careful messing around near the air bag though in case you get your head blown off[:0]
Alan S

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Post by mbunting » 27 May 2003, 18:27

Mercedes tend to use a small strip of felt where they overlap, stops the creaking !

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Post by zerone » 27 May 2003, 21:41

I think I'll try the silicon thing.