Bleeding Rear Calipers on 405 GTX2.0

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Bleeding Rear Calipers on 405 GTX2.0

Post by Whiskerjim » 16 Aug 2001, 02:44

I have read Haynes manualon this subject & followed the book , but still have a spongey pedal. Have refilled o/s caliper with fluid as per book but its worse now.No leaks just air in system.Any help most appreciated.

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Bleeding Rear Calipers on 405 GTX2.0

Post by puc » 16 Aug 2001, 17:29

I had this problem after replacing a rear brake pipe on a 405 gri. No amount of conventional bleeding would prevent the pedal sinking to the floor. At first, the limiter valve was suspect but later cleared. The solution was to "power bleed" the rear calipers. Basically, you need to get a pressure bleeding kit ( uses pressure from your spare tyre) to apply pressure to the master cylinder while the engine is running. Then just bleed each caliper in turn. It worked for me.