Rear Brakes 405Mi16

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Phil Criddle
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Rear Brakes 405Mi16

Post by Phil Criddle » 07 Feb 2001, 22:06

The rear Brake disks on my 405mi16 do not appear to be working ie, getting very rusty, dispite having 2 new calipers, pads and disks fitted. Is there anything else that might need replacing.
ps all brake pipe have been replaced as well
all help will be gratefully received

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Rear Brakes 405Mi16

Post by jonkw » 07 Feb 2001, 22:22

If calipers, pads and discs have all been changed, and you are still having this problem, it sounds like the rear brakes are not getting enough hydraulic pressure, that is, the brake compensator may be either defective, or incorrectly set.
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