Alarm problem - Pug206

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Alarm problem - Pug206

Post by Chris_Flowers »

Hi all,
I'm having an intermitent problem with my alarm. The problem is it sometimes goes off on its own accord. The other night it went off twice, I deactivated and reactivated it once but after the second time I just deactivated it and manually locked the doors.
Then it happened again the next night, and also once whil parked outside my workplace.
However, yesterday at work it never did it and it was left alarmed all last night and again never sounded.
Can anyone suggest what might be the problem? Was it just a freak occurence or is it building up to a bigger problem in the future? Should I take it to Peugeot and have them plug it into their computers and run diagnostics? I'm concerned about the cost of them doing that though.
Cheers ;)

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Post by JohnD »

My Xantia had this problem when I got it new. It went back to the dealers several times but eventually the trouble was pinned down to the tailgate lock. Although it was locked, it was telling the computer it wasn't. After an exchange, it gave no further bother.