Squeaky front wheel

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Squeaky front wheel

Post by StuartR »

Pug 205D 92J 130K ish miles
The front drives side wheel squeeks, more so on lower speeds
(over 40ish its near gone) Had the brake pads and disks off, cleaned and copper greased also rounded off the corners of pads. But just as bad after. The pads are as good as new and so are the disks (year old but 3000miles!)
Its a sort of sqeek, sqeek which speeds up as you go faster.
and ideas?
its annoying

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Post by JohnD »

If it's the o/s corner that the noise is coming from have a look at the intermediate bearing on the drive shaft. Give it a spray with WD40 - it'll only be a temporary cure, but it may point you in the right direction.