Peugeot 106 - Bleed diesel filter

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Peugeot 106 - Bleed diesel filter

Post by kernow »

I have a 1.5d Escapade 1996, 66,000 miles which is due for a service. I can change the oil and oil filter fine and the air filter probably isnt difficult either, but what about the diesel filter element (does it need replacing) and how does one go about this, and finally how do you bleed the diesel filter??
Hope someone can guide me.

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Post by DLM »

There's a DIY service photo-feature on a 106 diesel in this month's "Car Mechanics". It is for a 1.4 diesel though, and the locations in a couple of instances didn't seem to match the 1.5D Escapade when I stuck my head under the bonnet yesterday ... Worth a look in a newsagents though, at least. On other diesels I change the filter on major service intervals - every two or three oil changes.
Assuming you can find it (unlike me) there should be a rubber priming bulb like on other PSA diesels, which you squeeze several times after completing the change + reassembling the filter housing + pipework. The filter's located low down more-or-less under the air filter housing and to the left of the battery (ouch!) and you should be able to find the primer by following the diesel supply pipe back towards the tank.

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Post by mgoodlad »

I had a 1994 106 1.5d and changed the fuel filter several times - found it fairly fiddly job and difficult to do without spilling diesel.
I think you are meant to drain the water out of the filter every service - 6k miles, and change the filter every 18k miles.
I do know there are at least 2 locations for it - mine was as other post described beneath the air filter assembly. To get at it I took the air filter assembly right out which is dead easy - just loosen the clips and take off the the big air pipes going to it. Then disconnect and remove the battery (make sure you know the radio code).
I then used a mixture of rags and polythene sheets under the filter to stop diesel going everywhere. drain the filter by using a pipe (supplied with the new filter bought from P dealer) stuck on the outlet at the bottom and turning it - always found none came out! Usually loosened bleed screw in the top of the housing and that allowed it to drain.
Then unscrew the filter itself. Can be tight and access poor so may have to use oil filter removal chain etc. Smear seal on new filter with clean diesel and screw up again. Then I followed bleeding instructions per Haynes....never got it to start first time. From memory pump the rubber thing until air stops coming out bleed screw, keep pumping until it goes hard, turn on the ignition (have to put battery back for this, and may as well put the air filter assembly back too) to operate stop solenoid - pump a few times more and try it. Repeat several times! There is more detail on other things to try in the Haynes book.
Usually got there in the end - generally spilt some diesel but I started to get better after a few goes.
Michael Goodlad