Faulty Door hinge

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Faulty Door hinge

Post by David.Cox » 20 May 2003, 04:12

Car is M reg 106 diesel.
Driver's side door is no longer caught by the stay, situated halfway up the inner from edge of the door, i.e. in a wind you hve to be careful opening the door or it goes round and gets a little crease if you are not careful
The stay is still attached to the body, so it is in the door that the probelm is. I notice there are two bolts which seem to be accessible. Do you have to remove interior door trim to get at the mechanism, or do you simplyu undo the bolts and draw the mechanism out. I guess it will probably be a scrapyard visit to replace, but help in knowing what to undo would be helpful

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Post by David.Cox » 22 May 2003, 01:39

Please guys, does nobody know about this one ?

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Post by DLM » 22 May 2003, 10:44

After doing something similar on a BX in the course of removing a door, I'd say it's a case of door trim off. Don't know about the 106s, but BX without the crease seem to be the exception rather than the rule. You may find that the door stay arm has corroded itself onto the door frame retaining pin for the stay, which adds some extra and unplanned forces into the equation.

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Post by Ben83 » 06 Jun 2003, 19:47

3 or 4 years ago, a dealer (not the same dealer that charged me £50 quid for fitting a set of wiper blades) replaced the pins in both front doors (one was missing, one had stopped working) for around ten or twenty quid.
Might be worth asking one, anyhow.
1995 306 1.4.

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Post by JohnD » 07 Jun 2003, 00:17

All these door stays work on a similar principle. If yours has pulled out of the door, you must be able to see what might have broken off. Whatever it needs to keep it in, the inside door trim panel will have to come off. Behind it you'll find a plastic sheet. If you're careful, you can cut the mastic and later replace the same sheet.