Pug 106 1.5D oil leak

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Pug 106 1.5D oil leak

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The Pug leaks oil; it is all over the back of the engine, and drips onto the road. It leaks as a mist from where the crank breather pipe enters the inlet manifold, and also from the back of the rocker cover.
I have dismantled the breather pipes and none are blocked.
I am going to replace the air filter.
Is the plastic round shaped piece where the breather pipe is connected to the rocker cover a pressure release valve or a filter? I intend to replace it and also the 'O' ring seal where the crank breather pipe joins the inlet manifold.
If oil still leaks after I have replaced these items (and the rocker cover gasket) what could be the cause? Piston ring wear causing excessive blow-by/ crank case pressure?
I look forward to your top tips.

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Post by JohnD »

It is indeed a breather valve running from the rocker cover to the maninfold. Your best way forward is to replace the air filter and rocker cover gasket, gunk the engine and get everything clean so you can see any oil leaks.