My heater fan isnt working

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My heater fan isnt working

Post by imwelsh » 15 May 2003, 06:28

Have a 1994 Peugeot 405 1.6i , the heater fan doesnt blow at all . While driving with the force of the outside air I can feel hot air coming through so thats not a problem . But why isnt my slider control for the fan not working ??? Is there a fuse for this ? Please help !!?? Please ?

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Post by imwelsh » 15 May 2003, 18:07

Can you believe it , now it works ! I havnt done anything !!

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Post by mg46783 » 22 May 2003, 05:07

Ifyou look up above the passenger footwell...below the glove box - you will see the heater motor with two wires going to it.... Youlle find the problem there... EITHER its a dicky connection to the heater.. ( the wires go to the heater motor brushes ) or youlle find its a dicky motor altogether.. Easy as anything to replace though...three screws- in and out! or ...out and in should I say..

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Post by imwelsh » 22 May 2003, 21:44

now the heater blower isnt working at all ! Checked the fuses and they are fine . What on earth is the problem here ????

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Post by woodhead722 » 23 May 2003, 02:30

I had same problem on 205. Worked with a knock in area of fan, above passenger footwell, but motor needed replacing eventually.£10 off scrapped car.
Why not try and remove terminals on fan, look for crap or corrosion,replace and try again.
If still no luck I suggest check terminals with voltmeter and check while sliding fan speed lever/dial.DON'T forget to turn ignition on, or you WILL be confused!!!
No voltage at any setting means its NOT your fan motor, but supply.
Voltage varied with switch setting means possibly terminals or more likely fan motor
If this is case take separate wires from battery itself onto bare motor terminals. If it starts then,the problem is supply/switch/fuse, etc NOT fan motor.

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Post by IanS » 23 May 2003, 21:42

If you are not getting any heat out then it could be that your heater matrix is blocked up. Give it a flushing out along with your radiator with a garden hose into the inlet to flush out anything that could be lodged there. If nothing comes out the outlet, then put the hose in the outlet to "back flush" the heater matrix. This should dislodge anything that could be lodged in there (e.g. rust) and will allow hot water from the cooling system to flow through the heater matrix, warming up the air that flows into the cabin from outside.
I did this to my VW Golf when I found that when I was on the motorway I was getting frostbite!
Ian [:D]