205 diesel conversion

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205 diesel conversion

Post by cosh » 30 Apr 2003, 04:32

i recently converted ma 205 gti to a 1.8 td. it has intercooler and have thought of adding water into the intercooler will it improve performance. I was told i could use the washer motors from a ford transit van and all i would need to be are the nozzles

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205 diesel conversion

Post by rossd » 01 May 2003, 14:00

This would work, but to be honest the only time the intercooler may get too warm is when in traffic, the lack of air flowing across it causes it to act as a heat sink. I'm assuming the intercooler is mounted on top of the engine, in which case have you got the ducting which directs air over the 'cooler? If not, this would be more effective than water to start with.