306 Relays

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306 Relays

Post by Ben83 » 29 Apr 2003, 16:23

Does anyone know which relay is which, or have suggestions on how I can work it out? Neither the handbook supplied with the car nor Haynes manual help.
I think my intermittent wiper relay's duff, but can't tell which it is (see previous post). If I bought a new relay, would it at least be the same colour, and hence narrow down the process of locating the old one?
1995 306 1.4

shaun easton
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Post by shaun easton » 15 May 2003, 01:36

go to the scrap yard and pocket the green relays and the orange ones and put them in it wont cost out..............................

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Post by IanS » 19 May 2003, 05:47

The relay you want is the blue one that lives near the fuse box under the steering wheel. My intermitent relay went in my 99 306 est, leaving me with wipers that didn't park in the right place. I have temporarily replaced the damaged blue Pug one with one out of a VW which gives me the intermittent wipe that parks in the right place.
Not got a part no for the genuine Peugeot part yet...

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Post by Ben83 » 20 May 2003, 14:53

Ian & Shaun, thanks for your replies.
I noticed this weekend that the intermittent setting is working again, so I'm back to thinking it must be a loose connection / bad earth somewhere, not the relay.
For now, I'll just wait until they break again.
1995 306 1.4

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Post by woodhead722 » 23 May 2003, 02:38

Dont dismiss the relay idea altogether!
I have a 106 and dipped h/lamps wouldn't work.
Reason? Faulty relay TERMINAL!
Good luck!

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Post by raffles22 » 31 May 2003, 18:50

Hi, I recently had a problem on my 2000 306 where the wipers would not lower to park without juddering for the last 6 inches of travel.
I reported this to the dealer who told me that this was a common fault and can be easily rectified with a new wiper motor!!!!
The car was under warranty so i let them get on with it. Now i have perfectly working wipers adn they threw in new blades for free!!!

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Post by Ben83 » 06 Jun 2003, 19:38

I'll bear the motor in mind, if the problem comes back. They wipers are still working fine at the moment, so I'm ignoring the whole issue for now.
I'm rather shocked that your dealer threw in wiper blades for free. We got our main dealer to do the MOT last year, and they decided that all 3 (12 month old) wiper blades were MOT failures. The replacement blades, plus labour to fit them, came to over fifty quid! The total bill was a whisker under £600.
Unsurprisingly, I took the car to the local mot shop myself this year.
The dealer concerned has since sinced changed its franchise from Peugeot to MG/Rover.
1995 306 1.4.