306 (1995) Brake pad wear sensor cable

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306 (1995) Brake pad wear sensor cable

Post by marcus » 28 Apr 2003, 01:30

I've just been inspecting my brakes and noticed that the cable leading from the brake pad wear sensor connector into the car has broken at the grommet holding it into the plate on the suspension strut. Now it looks to me like this cable continues into the loom at the top of the wheel arch and isn't simply plugged into the loom so I'm thinking a replacement is going to be tricky or unavailable. The casing of the other cable is also split at about the same place so they must perish, corrode and break.
Does anyone know how to reliably fix this or better still actually had to do it [?]

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Post by JohnD » 29 Apr 2003, 00:27

The wires going from each pad should connect by means of a push-in connector situated near the bottom of the strut. In my experience they are unreliable - they either fail to give a warning of wear, or display the warning light because of a short. I much prefer to rely on periodic inspection.

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Post by marcus » 11 May 2003, 17:54

I agree that periodic inspection is probably best but that doesn't really answer my question. Neither does a description of the connector location. I figure from the lack of replies that this is either a unique concern or anyone else inspects regularly. Probably not worth carrying out a repair unless when I try selling the car someone takes a wheel off to inspect the brakes and queries the broken wires.

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Post by Dave Burns » 13 May 2003, 01:17

Its quite likely that there is a connector for this particular piece of wiring, on the ZX it is back near the bulkhead and to the side, so just trace the wire back from the wheel arch and you will find it, then unplug and replace it.
Having said that they are a complete pain in the arse and not worth the effort.