106 diesel idling

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106 diesel idling

Post by woodhead722 » 21 Apr 2003, 22:49

When I rev up my 1360 diesel, the revs are slow to return to idling speed, as if you were releasing the accelerator pedal slowly.
The cable appears free and has a small amount of slack,but I do not know what else to check.
Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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Post by wheeler » 22 Apr 2003, 04:59

does it have a little shocker on the throttle lever ? if so take it off & throw it away.

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Post by woodhead722 » 26 Apr 2003, 04:56

Sorry, but is this shocker near the pedal or the pump end of the cable?

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 26 Apr 2003, 16:05

There could be two such dampers involved and both fixed to the pump.
On a Bosch pump as fitted to the td xantia there is the famousely useless damper on the front of the pump, which operates through the entire range of the accelerator lever.
Then there is a small squat damper about 40mm dia. at the back of the pump, this one only operates during the last few millimeters of accelerator lever travel.
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Post by woodhead722 » 27 Apr 2003, 04:42

Thanks both of you.I'll have a look ASAP, more miffed off with oil leak at mo, which seems to come from head cover front passenger side and/ or under vacuum pump.Not had car long enough to know if these are dodgy for leaks as cylinder head needed doing following purchase!

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Post by mbunting » 27 Apr 2003, 16:23

The TUD / XUD diesel engines are renowned for head gaseket failure !
I speak from bitter experience ( see Citroen threads ).