Intermittent non start 405 diesel

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Intermittent non start 405 diesel

Post by pozz » 17 Apr 2003, 23:52

My 92 non turbo 405 diesel(aerial on back wing)intermittently will not start.Turn the ignition key nothing happens,nothing lights up on the instrument panel.The battery seems ok as the lights are working.I think this could be a common fault,asthe same thing happened to a 405 I previously owned.Any help would be appreciated.

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Intermittent non start 405 diesel

Post by JohnD » 18 Apr 2003, 00:46

Your problem could lie within the ignition switch, but before doing anything about that, I would remove the battery terminals and give them a clean. Then move on to the other ends of the battery cables. Make sure the battery is earthing properly and clean the connection on the starter.