Peugeot 207 Clutch pedal/Steering wheel

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Peugeot 207 Clutch pedal/Steering wheel

Post by Lazy_Pugger » 08 Jul 2009, 13:34

Hi guys and girls,

Does anybody have any info about the clutch system on the 207? I have a 1.4 2008 model and when the clutch pedal is pressed down and I turn the steering wheel (While stationary) I can feel a cloncking/knocking through the clutch pedal and through the floor. Is this normal? Does the clutch and power steering system share the same hydraulics?

Can anybody help out on this subject?

Thanks in advance,

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Post by 504GLD » 09 Jul 2009, 20:41

I would imagine the power steering is electric driven, and the clutch is the normal hydraulic set up. Neither system is connected in anyway so I would take it back to the dealer.