307 diesel 2.0 hdi won't rev above 3000 rpm

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307 diesel 2.0 hdi won't rev above 3000 rpm

Post by mickeybo »

code read at peugeot main dealers :?:

Permanent fault pef particulate emission filter. particulate emission filter pierced or exhaust differential pressure incorrect.
INTERMITTENT FAULT Catalytic converter ownstream temperature signal (cata 2.) coherence between the catalytic converter 1 temperature and the cataytic conerter 2 temperature.
Intermittent fault. Catalyic converter downstram temperature signal (cata 2.) short circuit to positive to positive or open circuit.
Today i filled eolys tank and fitted a new modified exhaust pressure
sensor but still lacks power On starting up engine and getting someone
to rev up engine on holding my hand on air intake pipe from intercoller to
manifold this pipe appears to expand when engine reved up maybe blocked manifold exhaust any feedback greatly accepted reguards mickeybo

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Post by wheeler »

I would expect this pipe to expand if the turbo is working correctly. If you think there is a blockage in the exhaust you could easily rule this out by removing it & see if it revs up. Are you sure you got the pipes on the exhaust differential pressure sensor the right way around ?