106 veering n juddering

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106 veering n juddering

Post by SnowBord » 08 Apr 2003, 09:32

Ever since I got my 1997 106 XR it seemed to veer to the left.
Peugeot told me the brake shoes were unevenly worn, and greased the brake callipers.
I also got a squeaking sound from the left side of the car, which went away depending on how you steer. I think squeaking is beginning to surface from the right now too..
The veering has gotten a LOT worse recently, and to top it off theres serious vibrations felt through the gearstick and steering wheel.
The left wheel is totally worn on both sides and the right, mainly in the middle. Tyre pressure is OK.
If I turn left with my finger (i.e. not a lot of pressure) the steering wheel turns, pauses, continues to turn, pauses etc etc.
If I let go of the wheel when driving straight it vibrates to the left then settles with the car veering left.
When I brake, the vehicle can sometimes have a tendancy to veer left also.
What could it be?? Is the squeaking anything to do with the bearings? I am going to get the steering aligned but worry that this will not fix the veering problem..
any ideas? I thought possibly a warped brake disc could be to blame, causing the vehicle to brake on one side more than the other.
I'll bleed the brakes too but don't know if that will help much.. new parts are needed somewhere, but where??
Please help!

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106 veering n juddering

Post by DBAKER1980 » 12 Apr 2003, 03:42

sounds serious. could be suspension damage. definately get it checked proffesionally soon, as it probably wont be an easy job to sort out, and sounds very dangerous.


106 veering n juddering

Post by bryanr » 15 Apr 2003, 22:37

Sounds like your tracking is out and i'd get your driveshafts checked out too[:p]