Throttle cable hell !

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Throttle cable hell !

Post by subhuman » 08 Apr 2003, 06:18

OK, so while waiting for a response on this:
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I decided to have a crack at changing the throttle cable. I'd been putting it off for a while because I needed to use the car every day, but now was my chance to swap it.
Removed the old cable without hassle, using the method described in my Haynes manual (unclip from pedal in footwell, unclip from pump, tie string to footwell side, pull cable and grommet from engine compartment side etc..)
I cannot for the life of me get the new cable and grommet into the engine bulkhead side of things. The car has ABS and the pipes run right next to where the old grommet sat, and only a small child could fit their hand down the space next to the timing belt.
I can't see any easier way of accessing the hold for the grommet (checked wheelarch and removing washer resevoir - no joy)
I'm sure some of you experts might have had similar encounters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !

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Throttle cable hell !

Post by JohnD » 09 Apr 2003, 00:28

I've never looked under the bonnet of a 405 - but would you get some working room if you stuck a jack under the sump (suitably padded) and loosened off the top engine mount. You could then allow the engine to roll forward.

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Throttle cable hell !

Post by Dave Burns » 09 Apr 2003, 03:53

I'd be surprised if it were not the same as the ZX and Xantia, these have a rubber ball type setup on the cable and it simply pops into a socket in the bulkhead.
Its a simple job to replace it on the citroen but I take them out the other way, by getting a long screwdriver or such and hold it on the ball beside the cable in the engine compartment then give it a sharp wallop.
Pull it out and thread the new one in from inside the car, lubricate the ball (I smeared it with barrier cream) then pull it up as far as it will go in the engine compartment, screwdriver again and wallop it back in from the cabin side.
Thats how it is on a ZX, Xantia uses same cable.