306 central locking

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306 central locking

Post by apsbaketcase » 08 Apr 2003, 02:27

My(M reg)306 XL's central locking locks when activated on the key fob but unlocks immediatley with the indicators flashing. I have tried another relay from a scrapper but no joy.
I have ensured the linkages on the doors/hatch are free and lubed.
Syptoms similar to leaving a door partially open.
Can I isolate 1 door at a time, remove the conn block, when the locking works that is the door at fault.
Anybody have any suggestions??

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Post by wheeler » 08 Apr 2003, 05:35

sounds like a faulty front door latch (but which one ?),disconecting each door in turn is'nt always a good indication of which side is at fault, what happens when you lock each side with the key ?

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Post by apsbaketcase » 08 Apr 2003, 18:24

It doesn't matter whether I use the key on either door or fob the reaction is still the same.

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 09 Apr 2003, 04:05

There are switches in the door locks to supply lock position info to the central locking controll.
Unless you can see the designated cables on a wiring diagram I suggest you take the drivers door to bits and check the operation of the switch in the lock.
If it turns out to be the duffer all well and good, if its ok make a note of the switch cable positions in the connector so you can identify and test the remaining doors without having to take them apart.