First gear popping out

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First gear popping out

Post by Maaaahtin » 26 May 2009, 15:13

I've been having a problem with my 1.5D where the car will sometimes (but not always) pop out of gear when I try to pull away in first. It's very annoying and can't be good for it. Where should I be looking?

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First gear popping out

Post by Nuneatonrob » 01 Jun 2009, 12:55

It may possibly be a worn selector fork in the gearbox....or possibly incorrectly adjusted selector cables. From what I have heard over the years, cars jumping out of gear is usually worn selector forks in the gearbox itself...maybe worth just getting hold of a good 2nd hand box and putting it on, unless you know how to strip gearboxes of course.