306 Dturbo Probs?

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306 Dturbo Probs?

Post by BMcN » 03 Apr 2003, 16:43

I have a 1996 306 Dturbo that has done 34,000 miles.
My fuel economy is really bad, especially around the town. I get 400 miles to a full tank which is about 30-32MPG! Any ideas?
The other thing is that i don't get a 'kick' of my turbo. Everybody i have spoke to get a surge of power at about 2.5kRPM. I don't. There is no excess smoking from the car (just a little puff on start up which is normal), there is no knocking noises, it is not using oil and there is no sounds of any boost leaks.
Any ideas? Lucas are going to change about £80 for a fuel test and a peugeot diagnostics is about £50 (and i don't know if they could even tell me at the end of it).

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Post by spanner-do » 03 Apr 2003, 20:05

Definetly sounds like a NO BOOST problem
Could be one of the following
Wastegate stuck open = NO BOOST
Turbocharger shaft seized = NO BOOST

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Post by B_Draper » 03 Apr 2003, 21:23

I own a L Reg (1994) Citroen ZX Turbo Diesel (same engine) and I get the same sort of mileage as you. The engine/turbo itself has done 50,000 miles while the running gear has 150,000 mile due to water damage to the engine. The mpg mileage was acheieved using fast A roads and town driving. My turbo works fine so I guess must be my style of driving[:D]
Get the engine warmed up and get the car into 2nd gear at idle speed. Floor the accelerator and the car should sluggishly accelerate up to 1800/2200 RPM. After this, you should start getting some smartist acceleration out of the engine up to approx 4000/4200rpm where the boost will suddenly drop off!
I usually have a little grey/black smoke on startup but this goes as soon the engine idle speed levels out - I'm not too concerned about this as it goes once the engine idle speed levels out.
Have a look in your Yellow Pages and a find a local Peugoet/Citroen specialist and they may be able to help at cheaper prices then what you have been suggested.
If you're in the Wolverhampton area, I can recommend:
Technically Auto's, Withy Rd, Bilston, WV14 0RX
01902 354774

I think they specialise in Citroens, but since these cars use the same engine and running gear, they wouldn't have any problems.
Hope this helps and you get your tubby fixed!

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Post by BMcN » 04 Apr 2003, 05:42

I don't think its not boosting as the car is not really that slow. 0-60 on an empty tank with 1 person is about 11.4.
I can hear the turbo wistling if i open the window when it gets to about 3kRPM. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be a surge of power at all. Anyone recommend a place to go a bit closer to me? I live in Stranraer, postcode DG9 7QQ. I am willing to travel about 100miles.
Someone said there could be oil in the pipe between the intercooler and pump, so i took it off and there was some, i drained this and still no diff. I also heard that a diaphram in the fuel pump could be holed?

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Post by spanner-do » 04 Apr 2003, 14:12

So if the Turbo is doing its thing then.....
The only other line of enquiry which might result in your reported problem is the Injector Pump Timing.
Thinking back I remember from about 7 years ago a colleague bought a 306DTurbo after having been passenger in one due to the excellent performance!!!
The one he bought was a bit sluggish and he took it back to the dealer several times, they told him that it was Ok, but when up against the one he had been passenger in his was left standing.
It turned out to be the Injector Pump timing was slightly out, but the small adjustment that had to be made sorted it out fine. Its the equivalent of having the timing on a petrol motor not quite right.
Might be worth getting someone like Hometune to do a timing check on the Injector Pump.
Hope this gives you some help

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Post by BMcN » 04 Apr 2003, 16:10

Well as the car has just done over 34,000 i think i will get the timing belt changed, would thins solve it if it was indeed the problem?
Also I am ordering a boost guage to mount in the car and i will see what boost is going into the pump. I will probably then turn up the fuel and increase the boost a bit! ;)
I mentioned earlier about the oil in the pipe from the intercooler to the pump. how did that get there?

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Post by Dave Burns » 05 Apr 2003, 04:18

The oil gets there both from the breather system and the turbo its self, its normal so don't worry about it to much.
If its a Bosh pump the diaphragm's are very strong so don't think it will be holed, but its easey to check, either put a pipe on and blow down it or take the lid off, do not rotate the diaphragm though as this will change the fueling under boost conditions.
If there is an EGR valve this could be stuck open and rob you a some usefull performance.
The waste gate could be stuck open on the turbo or the pipe to the pump from the intercooler could be split.

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Post by BMcN » 05 Apr 2003, 19:08

Well i don't think the '96 DT's have a EGR?
It is a Lucas pump, how would i check the diaphram on this? Same as the Bosch?
I will test to see if the pump is getting the proper 14psi boost very soon as i am getting a Boost gauge.
Any other ideas in the mean time?