Pug Partner: Pig or Perfection?

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Pug Partner: Pig or Perfection?

Post by jkirkwood »

Does anyone have any views good or bad, about the Peugeot Partner Combi/Escapade 2.0 HDi? (OK, apart from the styling that is )

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Post by mg46783 »

Hi mate.. well, regarding the PUG Partner... I suppose you are thinking of buying one eh?
Well, as it happens I changed an engine in one today - well, the last 3 days!!! What a PIG of a job! ( Diesel ) non turbo..
the original engine was goosed...and there were signs to show that that engine wasnt exactly "original"... so in its previous life its had its problems...but that could be down to anything..rough owners - poor servicing..etc etc.. The van drives very nice..has a nice driving position..nice and airy..good field of view.. and "easy" to drive..ie, nice easy PAS...clutch soft and smooth.. and geberally drives like a car.....all my opinions of course but hope it helps..