306 electric windows

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306 electric windows

Post by mark21td »

I have a problem with the passenger side widow, it goes down but will not go up, this is on both drivers side and passengers switches, I've powered the motor up and it goes up and down no problem, I've swapped both the switches for the rear ones and still no change.

BTW it's a 95 XTDT.

Please help.

Ps. It's my car but one of the 4 Peugeots in the family that I keep on the road, not good realy as I don't like electrics :roll:

Frogot to add, there's 12v at the motor conection when the switches are pushed for up and down but it still will not go up !!!

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Post by AndersDK »

Hi mark -

You still have a defective switch or the connector plug to the switch is defective.
Note that the passenger side local operating switch is powered (i.e. looped) through the remote switch on the drivers side.
Which means if there is a problem with the remote drivers side control, it wont help replacing the local passenger side control.

It is not Un-common that both sides switches fails at one time, as they carry the exact same amperage ...

lift up the switch in the drivers side, then unplug the switch from the connector block.
Now test if any of the 2 outermost pins in the connector block go shortcircuit to chassis earth, while you move both sides doors.
This is to test if any of the 2 motor wires are chafed and connects to chassis earth ...
If so - probably in the door to pillar bellows ...

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Post by mark21td »

Thanks Anders

I will check this next time I work on the car, probably in the next few weeks.