Buying guide 306 estate hdi HELP

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xantia 1.9td 1999
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Buying guide 306 estate hdi HELP

Post by xantia 1.9td 1999 » 19 Apr 2009, 11:22

i am intending to buy a 306 hdi thats done 143000miles, can anyone give me a guide on what to look out for on a car thats done this kind of milleage. the cambelt was replcaed 2006 other than that i dont know much else.

A family member has a 306 hdi but hasnt done many miles in it so hes not much help.

Much appreciated

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Buying guide 306 estate hdi HELP

Post by ralph » 01 May 2009, 19:17

All the usual checks.

I'd want to know what life it's had - regular long journeys, or punishing short ones.
The service intervals on HDis are pretty long, so you'd want to avoid a neglected one.

Any diesel Pug or Cit will go on and on with regular servicing, but they don't cope with being ignored.
My Xsara does a 100 mile commute on the m-way each day and is still A1 - so mileage is no indicator of condition.

So, I'd want regular oil changes - AT LEAST one a year.
Evidence of coolant changes, to minimise the risk of a knackered radiator, or blowing head gasket.
Evidence of brake fluid changes - brake neglect is a pain - do you want to spend your first weekend with a car stripping rusty calipers?.
Check for rust on front inner wings, rear wheel arches.
Decent tyres suggest the owner isn't a skinflint.
Cambelt will want to be changed after three years, and on an HDi that means a new crankshaft pulley, which is about £100.

Walk away if it's not been cared for - there are loads of 306s about.

Good luck