remote central locking 306XTDT

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remote central locking 306XTDT

Post by daffyduxxx » 02 Mar 2003, 01:29

Just bought a 2nd hand 306xtdt and the remote central locking won't work.Does anyone know the correct batteries to put in the fobs? What next if it still doesn't work after programming the keys?
Is it possible to buy replacement key fobs to suit my car? from peugeot? Thanks

Dave Burns
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remote central locking 306XTDT

Post by Dave Burns » 02 Mar 2003, 01:44

Have you had a gander at the online shop, they are sold here.
You can of course go to your local branch of GSF and get one, will be cheaper than the main dealers I would imagine, especialy for what you get, controler and two new plips.
Batteries are sold here too.