306 Wiper Problem

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306 Wiper Problem

Post by Ben83 » 28 Feb 2003, 19:21

The intermittent setting on my windscreen wipers has stopped working - selecting it freezes the wipers wherever they are on the screen. Also, they freeze occaisionally when Slow mode is selected, but lightly brushing the column stalk gets them moving again. Fast, Single Swipe and Park all work fine.
I've taken the column stalk switch apart, but there's nothing wrong in there.
Has anyone any ideas where I should look next?
Also, does anyone know which relay controls the wipers? It's not covered in the Haynes manual...
Cheers (and thanks),
1995 306 1.4.

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Post by AndersDK » 01 Mar 2003, 02:56

Because of US laws and americans habit of not being responsible for themselves and their doings (& then suing anyone else), Haynes has becoming more vague over the years[:o)][:o)].
Try your owners manual brieflet. Usually you find advice on how to find the relays and fuses here.

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Post by philbert » 01 Mar 2003, 04:27

dont know what the cause of the problem is but i would like to know if it can be sorted as my 306 does it too

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Post by spanner-do » 03 Apr 2003, 20:17

Almost certainly the fault lies on the Intermittent Wiper Control Relay.
You will have to replace the relay with a known serviceable item to confirm this.
For a wiring fault to give the symptoms you describe, it would have to be between the Relay and the Wiper motor, so the Fix you describe as operating the Stalk switch to a different position would not lend itself to a wiring fault.

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Post by Ben83 » 11 Apr 2003, 16:17

Thanks for your thoughts, spanner-do.
Does anyone know where I can find out which relay controls the intermittant wipe? As it is (probably) dead, I guess it won't "click" anymore.
Neither the handbook nor Haynes is any use on this - they tell you where the relays are, but not which is which...